Saturday, 5 January 2013

Brazil corn seed companies offer almost 500 hybrids to growers:

      The Brazilian corn seed companies offers almost 500 hybrids in the market for the 2012/13 crop. Conventional hybrids represent 55% of the total, while GMO represent 45%. It is an interesting fact since corn cultivated area with GMO is much bigger than the one with conventional hybrids.

From the total 479 cultivars, 93 were introduced this year, while the 103 offered last year dropped out.

From the 93 new cultivars, 5 are conventional and 34 are new cultivars introduce with a one GMO trait. When considering only GMO cultivars, we can find that 87 new cultivars were introduced in the market, while 42 dropped out. In the conventional segment, 6 news cultivars were introduced while 61 dropped out.

The information above was collected directly from seed companies and their promotional materials, as well as Seed Associations. Usually each GMO cultivar has a conventional version.

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