Saturday, 29 November 2014


Approximately 3 % of total plant species of around, 250,000 act as weeds. The weeds account to around 8000 species. Weeds can cause trouble in many ways and they are an important Factor which unless regulated, can have considerable overall effect on the quality and quantity of the Farm output.

No matter what definition is used, all of them lead to the conclusion that weeds are undesirable. Actually our relative point of view is responsible for classifying a portion of plant species into weeds section, no plant is a weed by nature.

The weeds affect both the yield and quality of the agricultural produce in a negative way. Hence there removal is of prime importance, that to on a regular basis. Though most of them get uprooted while we plough the field, but they reappear after the main plants grow.

Spraying of weedicide is an effective way to control weeds, the chemical method of weeding is highly effective, time saving and cheaper than manual weeding. 

Weeds are controversial in nature, but from the perspective of an agriculturist they are a bane rather than a boon. They need to be controlled in a practical and economical way to produce the best yield.

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